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1000 litre Fuel Bowsers

The MGS bunded fuel bowsers fast tow comes complete with petrol and hand pumps
to dispense fuel quickly, Auto shut-off nozzles and Fuel meters.
The MGS bowsers are bunded to 110% of capacity.
The bunded area is covered to prevent rainwater contamination and fully secure
with no holes, pipes, taps or valves to the outside.
The tanks are cross-strengthened and honeycomb baffled making them suitable for safe transportation
of fuel on the public highway. The MGS range also has a secure, vandal-proof lid with hidden locking point

Diesel Fuel
Highway Transportation

From May 2004 any diesel fuel transported on the highway must be carried with in a Certified IBC Container
or a container that would otherwise meet the stringent requirements of the test procedures.